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Managing Your Business

gets a lot easier when you have access
to competent, dependable administrative support. 

That’s Why Outsourcing

projects to a Virtual Assistant is one of the most effective ways
for you to position yourself for growth.

My Passion

is helping you to make running your business
easier, more productive and successful for YOU!


Do you nVirtual-Assistant-keyboardeed help getting your business organized? No time for social media marketing? Trying to manage your emails, contacts and administrative tasks on your own when you could be out growing your business and making more money? Take the pain out of sending out newsletters, publishing your blog, managing your contacts and more! Free up your valuable time so that you can concentrate on making sales or even just taking a much-deserved break, giving your mind and body a rest. With over 15 years experience in the customer service field, I would love to help you organize, manage and develop your business.

Managing your business gets a lot easier when you have access to competent, dependable administrative support. It gets even better when you can access that support without a major increase in your overhead. That’s why outsourcing administrative tasks to a virtual assistant is one of the most effective ways for you to position yourself for growth without negatively affecting your financial bottom line.

social mediaA virtual assistant can assist with many administrative tasks that are traditionally accomplished from your brick and mortar location. You save time, energy and money and because a virtual assistant is an independent professional, you only pay for the time you use and you eliminate expenses like payroll, unemployment contributions, workers’ compensation and benefit expenses.

Technologies like text messaging, social media marketing, mobile marketing and general Internet marketing make the way in which you engage customers on and offline a priority. I will assist you in the creation of a marketing approach that includes establishing a presence in major social networks and creating processes that streamline and help grow your business. My passion is helping you make running your business easier and more productive and successful for YOU! Check out the pages within this website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

about me

2013-10-12 13.58.30My name is April Hunter and I am a Virtual Assistant. If you’re not familiar with the term, a Virtual Assistant can help you run your small business more efficiently, eliminating the hassle of having to do back-end admin work. REMOTELY.  YOU have more time to connect with potential new customers and grow your business by partnering with a skilled administrative strategist. No overhead. I pay my own benefits. We work TOGETHER.

I spent 15 years in the corporate world as a customer service rep and LOVED every minute of it, solving problems, facing new challenges every day, turning customers into friends, but especially learning how important customer service is in EVERY business.

Now, I bring my extensive skills and training to my own business, Virtual Assistant for Hire, serving others as I always have, my opportunity to help other business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs get more organized & more streamlined by putting processes in place that will save time, allowing for the business owner more time for business growth and networking or just taking a well deserved break.

I have many skills to offer and am proficient in many programs. From spreadsheet creation to video editing, social media management to landing page creation. Check my “My Services”, then head on over to the “Programs & Tools I Use” for a list of programs I have experience with, including a brief description and links for each. Look at the top left of this page to find the links.

I would love to connect with you on social media or via email. Even if you may not need my services now, I am always looking for new connections and who knows, maybe we will collaborate sometime in the future.  A 30 minute consultation is free to discuss your administrative needs and how I can help you!

On a more personal note, I was born and raised in New Jersey; moved to NE Pennsylvania 27 years ago and reside there still with the love of my life Gerry. I have two beautiful adult daughters who are following their dreams and who I am so very proud of. I’m an animal and nature lover. My most favorite place to be in the world? By the ocean. I find peace in the smell of the salt air and the sound of the crashing waves. I love all kinds of music, but my favorite is country. I love to laugh, spend time outdoors and visit new and exciting places.

I LOVE technology and like to keep up to date with current trends. I love figuring out how things work and will lose all track of time getting lost in a problem or conundrum that I am determined to answer or figure out. I can spend hours on the computer working OR playing, but also try to balance life with the outdoors, working in the yard, taking a bike ride, experiencing new things. You only live once!




Facebook Fan Pages
LinkedIn Profile
YouTube Channel
Pinterest Boards
& more…



Customer Service (phone work limited)
Calendar Management & Appointment Scheduling
Email Management
Newsletters (Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, etc. including autoresponders)


Comment Moderation
Blog Posting and Scheduling
Article Distribution
Website Management
Theme Updates
Plugin Management
& more…


Data Entry, Procedural Documents, Operation’s Manual Creation
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Proofreading & Editing
Send Out Cards
Order fulfillment
Online research & data gathering


Campaign Setup
Product Setup & Management
& more…


Monitor online reputation
Landing/Sales page creation
Video Editing
Audio Editing
Event Scheduling
Client Relationship Management

  • Instant Teleseminar - Easy to use program for hosting webinars via phone, skype, online. Customizable to use slides, Q&A, record sessions and send replays. I highly recommend it -- lots of unique features. Click on the link to check it out (affiliate link). $1 to try for 21 days!
  • GoToMeeting - Another easy to use online program specifically for holding meetings between 2 or more people. Features include video-conferencing, screen-share, session recordings and so much more!
  • Time Trade - Online appointment scheduling tool, cloud based platform that integrates with various desktop calendars such as Google & Outlook, various pricing plans.
  • Schedule Once - Another online appointment scheduling tool which offers various customizable areas, for multi-users as well.
  • Hootsuite - Schedule social media posts ahead of time. Bulk scheduling and other features also available for a small monthly fee.
  • Wordpress - The most easy to use website and blog creation tool and content management system (or CMS) available.
  • Infusionsoft - A robust all-in-one sales & marketing automated system - features include email management, e-commerce, social marketing, and the ability to create long-term “campaigns” based on what your contacts do.
  • Microsoft Office - a suite of desktop applications for use on Microsoft OS.
  • OptimizePress - a tool to create customized online landing/squeeze/sales pages for use when promoting webinars, product, events. etc. Also includes membership portals. OptimizePress comes in WordPress Theme & Plugin formats.
  • LeadPages - another tool to generate customized online landing/squeeze/sales pages as well as customized LeadBoxes. LeadPages is capable of doing A/B test splits so you can decide which design/template gives you the best conversion.
  • Eventbrite - Eventbrite is a software program used to sell tickets to events and allows for registration to free events as well, including online events. Allows users to create registration pages that can be used to promote across social media platforms and on websites. Free events are free to create and promote.
  • HighRise - HighRise is small business CRM software that helps you keep track of notes, emails, sends follow-up reminders via email or SMS. Keep track of proposals and deals. Multi-user capability.
  • Snagit - a screenshot program which also captures video and audio. Edit "snags" with text, borders, resize and more. Video Editing as well.
  • VideoMakerFX - Software used for creating short videos used for promoting various types of events and products, business discussions and promoting affiliate offers. Click the VideoMakerFX link to watch a sample video.
  • Logo Design Studio Pro - Software used for creating professional custom logos, banners, posters, etc. Fully customizable and resizable without losing quality.
  • DropBox - sharing files is so easy with DropBox. Large files cannot be sent via email. DropBox is the perfect solution! Cloud storage.
  • Evernote - similar to Microsoft OneNote, Evernote is a suite of software and services used for note-taking and archiving. Notes consist of links, documents, photos, handwritten notes, files and more. Notebooks can be segmented and shared with others giving you access to the same items.
  • Send Out Cards - Wonderful online card-sending program. I use this program to send personal as well as professional greeting cards. Beautiful quality and affordable. You can add photos to your greeting cards and gifts as well. In order to use this program you either have to be a SOC distributor or sign up with a distributor (I can help).



  • Skype - Have online meetings, keep in touch with clients/customers, screenshare, video and/or audio.
  • - A screen sharing program that's free for one-on one screen sharing.
  • Gimp - very robust FREE image editing software. Offers features similar to PhotoShop. Loaded with many different tools to edit photos.
  • FreshBooks - Freshbooks is an online invoicing, billing and accounting program that I have used when billing my customers and keeping track of my expenses. What I love about it is that each client can have a login to view outstanding invoices and hours logged.
  • QuickBooks - I am currently using Quickbooks Online for my bookkeeping needs. I like that I can link all of my banking accounts, send invoices and QuickBooks integrates with so many other applications.
  • Toggl - is an online time tracking tool. It features 1-click time tracking and helps you see where your time goes. Free and paid versions are available. Round up your time, create workspaces for different teams. I currently use Toggle to track my client's time.
  • Survey Monkey - an online tool which allows you to create surveys. Customizable to include drop down menus, radio buttons, scale ratings and more. Free account allows you up to 10 questions. Collect data via weblink, email, Facebook, or embed on your site or blog.
  • Google Docs - an alternative to Microsoft Office. Google Docs can be shared with various people and then edited at the same time by all shared users. Many features!

The following are email marketing programs whose features and prices vary, based on individual preferences. See links for more details and pricing. (I use all of these programs)


Social Media Implementation Package

Set up social media profile(s) selected by client:

  • Facebook personal
  • Facebook biz page
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • *Google+
  • *YouTube

Set up includes:

  • Obtain/enter all pertinent information from client to fill in all information fields for each profile chosen. Form provided to client prior to profile creation
  • Upload client’s header/banner and profile photo for each profile or have one created for an additional cost (see add-ons below) LinkedIn does not have banner.
  • Integrate with client’s website using social media buttons/icons
  • Use of temporary password on each platform to be changed by client
  • Optimize profile

* Must have a Google account for Google+ and YouTube set up

***Note – social media management (posting client content, scheduling posts, etc), is a separate package (see below)

PRICE – $75.00 per profile (2 or more $65.00 ea.)

Social Media Maintenance Package

Schedule Social Media posts (written content provided by client).
Price includes – monthly call (up to one hour) to discuss strategy for the month, email access for questions/changes to content.
Pricing does not include interaction with social media audience/followers.

Platforms include

  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Bronze – 3 posts/wk (3 weekdays client choice) text or link to blog article, image or video
PRICE – $150/mo ea platform – (price includes up to 5 graphics mo.)

Silver – 5 posts/wk (1 post ea weekday) text or link to blog article, image or video 
– $250/mo ea platform – (price includes up to 6 graphics mo.)

Gold  10 posts/wk (2 posts ea weekday) text or link to blog article, image or video
PRICE – $450/mo ea platform – (price includes up to 7 graphics mo.)

Note – No posting on holidays. Posting days that fall on a holiday will be made up on another weekday. 

Blog Publishing & Article Submission Package

Publish client provided content (blog/article) to website:

  • Proofread article and make any necessary corrections to spelling/grammar
  • Add up to two (2) graphics relevant to blog/article topic – also any client provided video
  • Format blog/article to assure visually appealing
  • Categorize and tag with keywords
  • Post to social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter) – linking back to website
  • Publish article to article site of client’s choice – ($20.00 for each additional article site)

**If you send out a regular newsletter using your article as part of your process, see the additional charge below.

PRICE – $100.00 per article/blog (add $20 for each additional article site)
*Newsletter; add client supplied content to client’s current template in email mgmt system, test and schedule – $50/campaign

Email Marketing Package

Set up email marketing (newsletter) system of customer’s choice:

  • Aweber
  • Mail Chimp
  • Constant Contact
  • iContact
  • any other email management software client desires

Set up includes:

  • Create template based upon client’s preference 
  • Use client’s graphics to create custom header (or have one created for an additional cost)
  • Set up auto-responder, confirmation, thank-you pages
  • Create web-form for obtaining subscribers and integrate with website
  • Create list using .csv spreadsheet (provided by client) to upload customers to system ($25 for each additional list uploaded beyond main list)

PRICE – $100.00 per system (additional lists extra)

Event Package

Create events on the following platforms to promote your webinar, workshop, seminar, fundraising event etc:

  • Facebook personal profile
  • Facebook biz page
  • Google+
  • Any event site that client uses (Eventbrite and/or more)


  • event information provided by client to include: name of event, date/time, brief description and url of sales/landing page for registration purposes
  • Use header/banner provided by client (or have one created for an additional cost)

PRICE – $35.00 per platform (2 or more $30.00/each)

A la Carte Items


Social Media graphics – Facebook header, Twitter header, Google+ header (client provides branded images) – $25 each

Don’t see the package you’re looking for? Let’s chat! I’ll put together a custom package based on your needs. Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation. Can’t wait to help you!


My services are offered on an hourly basis or per project.  Depending on what type of service you are looking for determines the fee for projects. Each client has particular needs and time requirements so it is impossible to determine exactly what the project fee is until your particular situation has been assessed.

Hourly rates are billed in 10-minute increments and are invoiced on the last day of the month with payment due upon receipt of invoice. Invoices must be reconciled asap in order for work to continue. Invoices will be sent via e-mail or fax at the client’s request and are payable via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal or check.

Per-project rates Many of my services involve activities which have predictable time commitments.  In those cases, I may be in a position to quote a flat fee for services.  One example this is the setup of online listings, social networking profiles, fan pages and the like. These projects are invoiced at 50% upon client acceptance of total project cost estimate. The project will commence upon receipt of initial payment with the remaining balance due upon completion of the work order.

Additional Fees:
Virtual Assistant for Hire completes client projects from a professional home office fully stocked with all necessary technology and resources to help complete each project. However, some client projects may accrue extra fees for items such as printing paper, ink cartridges, stamps, envelopes, courier costs, long-distance charges (outside the US), travel time and expenses, unique software, and any other office supplies specific to the client’s needs. Clients will be advised of all additional fees outside of the contracted rate and in all cases , e will strive to provide you with high quality yet economical options.

Rush Jobs:
Business hours don’t always hold up against your own busy and demanding schedule. Clients needing emergency assistance at odd hours or in need of an unusually quick turnaround for a particular project can depend on Virtual Assistant for Hire to get the job done! Projects that require work outside of normal business hours, or on weekends or holidays are subject to an additional fee.

I truly appreciate the generous word-of-mouth references of satisfied clients to their colleagues or acquaintances. Clients whose referrals result in a secured contract with a new client will receive a 10% discount off their next invoice!

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation. You can use the contact form HERE. I will happily evaluate options with you so that you can have predictability in your investment in administrative support.  I will work with you to customize a solution that meets your needs.


payment logo



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Virtual Assistant for Hire
1057 Salamanca Drive
Tobyhanna, PA 18466
Mobile/Text – (570) 236-7801

what others say

Every project that I have sent April (and there have been several and will continue to be more!) has been completed on time and on budget. Her cheerful attitude and work ethic truly make her an elite among virtual assistants. If you have an administrative task that needs doing, check out April first, you’ll be glad you did.

Tim Nebergall

Owner, Front Page Rankings

April exemplifies the concept of “assistant” in her work as a virtual assistant. I’ve bounced ideas off her, asked her to research and recommend, and then she’s quickly and effectively implemented our decisions. She is always expanding her own skills so that when I have a new idea, she’s ready to tackle it. April has made me look good, just as you would want any executive or administrative assistant to do.

Susan Trivers - “The leading voice on growth and opportunities”

President, Trivers Communications Group

I found – and intend to keep – a jewel in April Hunter as my Virtual Assistant! Her work ethic, integrity, loyalty, eagerness to learn, initiative, and personality are evident in everything she does for me. I contracted with April based on faith; I’m expecting a long-term connection based on results and value. April’s strengths lie where mine lag – organization, follow-up, numbers, details, spreadsheets…a perfect match for an “ideas” person!

April is more than an administrative data-enterer (if that’s even a word). She researches, schedules, calls people to follow-up, posts to social media, performs customer service functions, does basic WordPress website updates, and manages teams of administrative support people. My colleagues and clients who have interacted with April all commend me on her performance. She makes me look good for having the good sense to work with her!
“Do I recommend April? You betcha! As much as I can.”

Sylvia Henderson

Owner/Founder - Maven of Implementation, Idea Success Network - Springboard Training, LLC

I am a member of the National Speakers Association; applying to become a Certified Speaking Professional. I retained April Hunter for the extensive administrative work to prepare for this international certification. This includes documenting every detail of each of nearly 300 seminars I’ve given over the past five years. April took my piles of documents, contracts and lists of seminars; organizing five years of data into a single excel sheet that met strict specific criteria of the National Speakers Association.

I never could have accomplished this task without April’s services! Her attention to details and precision in analyzing data allowed her to accomplish this huge endeavor. Deadlines were essential on this project, and April met each deadline that we set with ease.
April’s confidence, communication skills and her willingness to see you succeed make her a winner. I loved working with her and I’d highly recommend that you do the same! Make your life much easier!

Susan Scanland, MSN, CRNP, GNP-BC, CDP

CEO and Founder, Dementia Connection

April brings a professionalism and commitment to all of her work. She’s one of those people who digs deeper to make sure that she’s doing what you actually need, not just what you think you want. She’s a valuable and key contributor to any team and someone who can be relied on to accomplish whatever she says she will accurately, effectively and on budget.

Bob Graham

Owner, Bigger Pie Strategies

We have been using April Hunter as our Virtual Assistant for about a 2 years. Not only do we find April to be efficient and timely but able to handle the occasional issues that are out of the standard operating procedures we established for her.
We always get a confirming email informing us that the project was completed and the date and time that it occurred. We honestly feel like April is only working for us and we recommend her for any of the services that she provides.
Al Granger

Founder Owner and President, Networking Advocate