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According to this article I read, a recent study shows that consumers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the service they are provided with from a variety of firms and are leaving the companies they deal with solely based on customer service. I have always felt that if you do not take care of your customers concerns competently and as quickly as possible, you take a huge chance of losing that customers loyalty and they WILL take their business to your competitor.

According to this survey, a staggering 51%  of consumers took their business elsewhere due to bad customer service.

One of the main complaints is having to contact customer service for the same complaint and not receiving a response. Your customer shouldn’t have to call on you for an answer to the same question more than once. If you don’t have the answer as soon as the question or concern is voiced, it’s okay to research and call the customer back ON THE SAME DAY. It’s unacceptable to leave a customer hanging until the next day without a response at all. If you don’t have an answer by the end of the business day, it’s imperative that you call your customer back to let them know you are still working on their issue and that you didn’t forget about them.

It’s all about making the customer feel important. You don’t always have to have the answer at the drop of a hat, but as long as your customer knows you are working toward a resolution, they will know they’re in good hands! And don’t forget to smile!

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