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Welcome to my first blog. I have put this off for a long time; worried that I could not succeed in writing. I have never been a “writer”. I consider myself more of a “numbers” person. I excelled in math all through school and enjoy doing detail-oriented work; spreadsheets, formatting, copy-editing to name a few. I can write formal business letters with ease, but when it comes to creative writing, I believed I never had the gift for it. That being said, I figured it can’t hurt to give it a try. So, my friends, I will attempt to write something on a regular basis, often linking to an article I enjoy or a website that I believe can help someone perform their jobs more efficiently; run their business more smoothly.  My passion in business is helping people solve problems. Today, however, I would like to write about what got me to finally do this.

I recently found myself unemployed from a full time job outside of my VA work, which had been a side business for me. Up until now, I had excuses for not making Virtual Assistant for Hire my full time job.

  • Medical benefits
  • Fear of failure
  • Worried about self-discipline

Now that I do not have the “security” of working for someone else, I know that TODAY is my opportunity to do this. The door has opened and a silver lining has presented itself. I have the support of loved ones who motivate me daily and believe in me, which has helped me believe in myself. NO MORE EXCUSES.

Even though I knew that writing a blog could drive more people to my website, I kept making excuses (again) for why I COULDN’T do it. It took a business associate to actually say to me, “You need to write a blog” So here I am; writing my first blog. NO MORE EXCUSES.


Virtually Yours,


I am a virtual assistant with a passion for partnering with small business owners to help them achieve greatness by assisting them with their behind the scenes administrative work, giving them more time to grow their businesses.