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In my opinion, customer service is THE single most important aspect of running a successful business. Treating EVERY customer like they are the BEST customer is key. When dealing with your customer/client, imagine how YOU would like to be treated. Do you appreciate being addressed by name when you visit your bank or another establishment you visit frequently? It personalizes the interaction; makes you feel important and welcome, doesn’t it?

Part of great customer service is also presenting a smile. Whether in person or on the phone, a smile can be felt inside. Try looking in a mirror when you speak on the phone and SMILE! It most definitely can be heard in your voice.

This is an excellent article covering the best customer service skills. During my 15 years as a customer service rep, I can tell you that the skills and key points made in this article are right on the money for keeping your customers happy! I know you will benefit from the tips presented here, so please share with co-workers, friends, family AND business associates!


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I am a virtual assistant with a passion for partnering with small business owners to help them achieve greatness by assisting them with their behind the scenes administrative work, giving them more time to grow their businesses.